Laser Cutting – FEPER S.A.

FEPER S.A. accomplishes fine metallics with CNC machines, based on their own projects or samples provided by beneficiaries.

Processing Center 3030-TLF TRULASER 3200W the company is equipped with, ensures processing of drilling and cutting techniques in the following parameters:

  • 3D programming and sheet optimising processing
  • sheet size: 1500 x 3000 mm
  • accuracy
    • positioning ± 0,10 mm
    • repeatability ± 0,03 mm
  • Materials processed:
    • low carbon steel maximum 20 mm
    • stainless steel maximum 12 mm
    • aluminium maximum 8 mm

Cutting and punching – FEPER S.A.

FEPER S.A. accomplishes fine metals with CNC machines, which fall into the following technological operations:

  • Punching, Nibbling, Forming: TC 200R TRUMATIC Processing Center, with 15 stations and TRUMATIC TC 3000R, with 19 tool stations, automatic tool change in CNC system
    • Punching equivalent diameter: Ø 76.2 mm, turning 360 0 (in degree, rank) of each profile tools CNC
    • Programming assisted optimization of 2D workpiece, using language TOPS 300
    • Thickness: 0 to 2 mm / formats: 1000 x 2500 (1000 x 3000 by repositioning)
    • Materials: metal with σr = 60 kgf/mm2 (steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc.)
    • Punching, nibbling, forming, 63 tons force punching
    • Deburring and polishing surface, processed with specialized CNC machines, TIMESAVERS: semi-flat dimensions: width: 0 to 800 mm / Length: 200 ÷ 2000 mm
  • Bending:
    press abkant specialized type of bending, AMADA and TRUBEND and BYSTRONIC sets of punches and corresponding prism (angle: 0:01 ÷ 179 o), thickness: up to 6 mm / maximum format: 1500 x 3000 mm, material: σr = 60 kgf/mm2
  • Rolling:
    thickness: 3mm maximum / Ø ext. min: 80mm, material: σr = 60 kgf/mm2
  • Precision cutting on CNC machining center VESTA 1000
  • Cutting machining on lathes and universal milling machines

Powder Coating Services – FEPER S.A.

  • Our company can meet the demands of powder coating with maximum dimensions of 1100 x 4100 x 1600 mm (l x L x H) in color from RAL range requested by the client.
  • Paint layer is between 50 ÷ 100 μm.
  • We use four painting equipment and a water treatment plant for neutralization
  • In painting, the metal parts (steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.), must be within the maximum gauge of 1100 x 4100 x 1600 mm (l x L x H) pass through the following technological operations:
    • Degreso-phosphate operation with an acidic solution (manufacturer Henkel), pressure (3 bar) at a temperature of 60 ÷ 80 ° C, the solution makes both degreasing and phosphating metal surfaces thereof.
    • Preparing surface ends with washing area with warm water and drying parts approx. 110° C.
    • The prepared pieces enter the thread protection technology and other areas specified by the manufacturer.
    • Following the operation of powder electrostatic field – based on “GEMA” technology.
    • In the final polymerization operation run technical specification of each type of powder used.