Production Center Video Presentation – FEPER S.A

Currently, our company is a joint stock company with majority private capital, which developed production capacities in the field of fine metallic. FEPER S.A. is equipped with CNC machines and equipment allowing sheet metal processing by drilling , bending, stamping, grinding, crimping, welding, painting, operations with accuracy to 1 / 10 mm.

We achieve – based on our own projects or drawings / samples provided by the beneficiaries – metal structures with a large used applications in computer science, telecommunications, automation, electronics, etc.

Thus, following a short and medium – term management strategies, our company has proposed to use part of the financial resources for development. Thus, FEPER S.A. expanded and diversified product range which currently includes the following product groups:

Owning modern technologies, high-performance equipment, specific industrial software and working with a high qualification specialists team , FEPER S.A. is using a production unit for accomplishing fine metal structures.

FEPER S.A. – PRODUCTION CENTER manufactures a diversified range of products, such as:

1. Modular Structures:

  • Racks and Accessories in 19 “and 21” system – for supporting electronic equipment, computers, telecommunications and power systems – designed for 19 “/ 21” mounting.
  • Subracks and Accessories in19 “and 21” system.
  • Metal Consoles and Accessories – Structures generally wrapped which through the outside surfaces support control elements, indicating or related service equipment.
  • Metal Boxes and Accessories – Structures, partially wrapped, suitable for mounting on a frame or by adapting the construction can be compatible with a chassis or drawer.
  • Metal Cases

2. Execution of mechanical parts and subassemblies with CNC machines and equipment, which fall into the following technological operations:

  • Laser cutting in 2D using TRU LASER TLF 3200W processing center
  • Punching, nibbling and forming using CNC machining centers TRUMATIC 200R TC with 15 posts and TC TRUMATIC 3000R with 19 posts
  • Bending using specialized CNC presses AMADA and TRUBEND and BYSTRONIC
  • Sanding with specialized CNC machine TIMESAVERS
  • Crimping screws, bolts and PEM type nuts with specialized equipment
  • Welding with CNC machine welded points, AMADA and MYSPOT-KOYO GIKEN, protective environment of argon welding, spot welding fixed electrodes and welding screws and bolts with stored energy system
  • Electrostatic painting, technology GEMA – Switzerland, with polyester powder or epoxypolyesteric with Henkel chemical and heat treatments

By expanding production and obtaining a quality of execution at international standards, FEPER SA corresponds to both Romanian market characterized by a special dynamic requirements and international markets. In Europe, our company carries out long term cooperation with Swiss and German companies and we are a reliable supplier for North and South America companies.