21″ Floor Standing Cabinet


21″ rack mount cabinet is designed to accommodate electronic, IT and telecommunication equipment in 21″ system. Due to the 19″ adapter, this type of rack mount cabinet can also accommodate 19″ equipment.

21″ rack mount cabinet is manufactured in a range of dimensions as mentioned I the sheet below

Standart Configuration

21″ rack mounted cabinet is available in two standard configurations:

  • cabinet (standard):
    •  front door;
    •  rear door;
    •  side panels;
    • pedestal and superior lid;
  •  open frame:
    • without front door / rear panels and Strokes on the pedestal and on the superior lid;
    • with side panels and pedestal and superior lid;


  • mounting rails (6)/(12) – 4 pcs;
    • made of zinc plated steel;
    • with square perforations which provide a 515 mm distance for 21″ system
  • cross-pieces (7) – 6 pcs;
    • made of zinc plated steel;
    • adjust the distance between mounting rails;
  • pedestal / lid (11) / (4);
    • provided with 3 cutted-zones, a central one and 2 side allowing cable
      management and covered with Strokes(1, 2 and 3), the bigger middle
      zone – allow the fan montage.;
  • removable side panels ( 9 and 14) and rear panel (8);
  • front door (13), with/without stiplex or duplex sight window;
  • M6 dowels used- 4 pieces used for fixing the rack on the floor;
  • adjustable stems(10) –4 pcs.- for standing on the floor.


  • floor standing, with 4 adjustable stems or with 2 spacers- for floor standing, fixed
    with M6 dowels;
  • door with key locking system;
  •  19″ adapters reducing the assembling distance from 515 mm(21″) to 456,6
  •  provided the protection against accidental voltage through out all in-one-part
    mechanical parts (by earth screws)- special designed for interlinking with short
    grounded cable in order to assure electrical continuity;;

General data